Amy Leigh Brown Text Deputy To Sell Xanax

Amy Leigh Brown, 35, was arrested and charged with intent to sell and deliver a Schedule IV controlled substance after she mistakenly sent a text to a deputy to sell Xanax.

Authorities in North Carolina said she misdialed the number and asked the officer if he wanted to buy some drugs. The McDowell County Sheriff’s Office in Nebo North Carolina, Deputy P.V. Alkire received the kindly invite Thursday night. He said that he did not recognize the number.

The text read; “Hey it’s Amy. Do you want business tonight?”

The deputy played along and said yes. Brown offered “bones” to the deputy, which is the street term for the prescription anti-anxiety drug Xanax. Alkire then arranged to purchase 10 of the pills at the Nebo Truck Stop.

She met him at the location in a car that she described to him earlier. He arrested her and searched the car. He was able to find 25 generic Xanax pills in her car.

Brown listed her address as to living on Scooby Doo drive in Marion.