Angela Siler-Fisher: Doctor Siler-Fisher With Bizarre Love Triangle

Cops arrested Angela Siler-Fisher, a respected emergency room doctor and professor in Houston, on harassment and criminal trespass charges. Siler-Fisher was involved in a bizarre love triangle that got too far out of line.

It all started when her husband Brandon, himself a radiologist, was reportedly sleeping with another doctor. When the respected doc and professor at Baylor College of Medicine learned of her husband’s transgression, she stormed out of the home to take her revenge, cops say. She warned his mistress of the impending confrontation so the woman grabbed her children and fled the home.

Wielding a stick of red lipstick, Siler-Fisher allegedly kicked in the woman’s doggy door and stormed inside. Cops say she left a trail of unused condoms up the woman’s stairs before writing “whore” and “homewrecker” on a bathroom mirror.

Siler-Fisher then texted her romantic rival a photo from inside the house and wrote her about 25 harassing text messages in the next 16 hours, prosecutors allege. She threatened to “dislocate (the woman’s) vagina” among other profanity-laced texts, the police report says.

A surveillance camera caught Siler-Fisher on her reign of terror, cops say.

“Most people’s reaction would be a lot bigger than that one,” the dissed doc’s neighbor Chris Pancheri told KHOU. “I thought the other woman got off easy!”

Silas-Fisher’s emergency room at Ben Taub Hospital was featured on a Discovery Channel show, “Untold Stories of the ER.”

Baylor College of Medicine said in a statement that it is a “private matter for Dr. Fisher and does not impact her work at Baylor College of Medicine.”

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