Anna Mackowiak Dentist Reacts To Teeth After Bad Break-Up

A Polish man learned the hard way on how an ex-girlfriend can take revenge, because Anna Mackowiak just happened to be a dentist, and it would take all of his teeth before she was done with him.

Marek Olszewski, 45, claims that when he went in to have one tooth pulled, Anna decided to overdose him with anesthesia, and I’m sure you know where this story is going.

When Marek awoke, he had a feeling that something odd was going on because he couldn’t feel any teeth in his mouth, and his jaw was bandaged up.

But his ex-girlfriend calmed him, letting him know that his mouth of numb, and that he wouldn’t feel anything for a while.

When Olszewski got home and looked in the mirror, his trust in his former girlfriend was shaken to its core!

“I knew something was wrong because when I woke up I couldn’t feel any teeth and my jaw was strapped up with bandages. She told me my mouth was numb and I wouldn’t be able to feel anything for a while and that the bandage was there to protect the gums, but that I would need to see a specialist. I didn’t have any reason to doubt her, I mean I thought she was a professional. But when I got home I looked in the mirror and couldn’t f****** believe it. The b**** had emptied my mouth,” Olszewski explained.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mackowiak says, “I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions. But when I saw him lying there I just thought, “What a b******.”

She is now being investigated and faces a three-year prison sentence for malpractice for abusing the trust of a patient.

Olszewski says his new girlfriend has left him because she couldn’t be with a man who has no teeth, and it will cost him a fortune to have implant surgery.

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