Armed Man Arrested At Former President Home

An armed man was attempting to deliver a divine message to former President George W. Bush’s home.

The Authorities took the him into custody without incident, and he is now being detained for questioning by the Secret Service.

According to Dallas’s police, they were called to the former President’s home by the Secret Service, and they detained someone who had a gun in the glove compartment of his vehicle, without having a concealed weapon license for the State of Texas.

The man actually made it through a secure gate by closely following a vehicle that was in front of him, little did he know that the gate is monitored around-the-clock by the Secret Service.

When the protects of the nation’s leaders questioned the unnamed man, he stated that he had a “spiritual message” that he wasted to deliver himself to the former President. Nevertheless, the authorities do not feel that him was a threat to Bush.

Incidences like this one are not uncommon, people are constantly attempting to cross the gates in order to speak to the former President at his home. However, most of them are not armed with a handgun. The Bush family was out of town during this incident.

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