Australian Man Sent To Morgue ‘Alive’ After Porsche Crash

An Australian man was only moments away from being taken to the morgue when rescue workers found he was still alive after crashing his Porsche. The 30-year-old had been pronounced dead more than an hour earlier and covered with a plastic tarp when State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers found a pulse.

The Daily Mail reports that the SES volunteers had seen the man’s body shudder and twitch as he hung upside down from his mangled Porsche but paramedics assured them that movement by a corpse was not unusual. The man is now fighting for his life in the Royal Melbourne Hospital and an investigation has been launched into his bungled rescue. SES spokesman Lachlan Quick said the volunteers were concerned the man was still alive before they removed him from the vehicle.

“They mentioned it to the ambulance guys, who said that it (movement) can be attributed to this sort of effect when there’s a spinal injury,” he told AAP. “It was raised and addressed and discussed and then put to one side, and they went about their business.”

The man was critically injured when his vehicle collided with a four-wheel drive near Bacchus Marsh, west of Melbourne, about 2am (AEST) on Sunday.

Two intensive-care paramedics pronounced him dead when they couldn’t find a pulse and were later called back urgently to treat him.

Tow-truck driver Trevor Oliver said the man was left in the car for about an hour and spent another 40 minutes lying critically injured on the ground before emergency services realized there had been a mistake.

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