Baby Seal In Home On Couch After Crawling Through Cat Door

A baby seal in New Zealand had startled Bay Of Plenty resident Annette Swoffer when she realized that a baby fur seal broke into her home by accessing the cat door.

As she walked into the front door, it was sitting on her couch, as if it was mimicking a person. She it made its way to her home near the water and must have came through a cat door to access the home.

Baby Seal Home Couch Pictured.

“I thought the cats brought a rabbit or something in, so I went down and had a look, and there’s a seal in my kitchen,” she said.

She said she took a deep breath, thought for a moment, and said, “this is really strange.”

Swoffer called the SPCA, but at first they didn’t believe her thinking she was drunk.

“They were giggling away and I’m saying, ‘I’m not drunk, I’m not lying,’ there’s a seal in my house,” she told the New Zealand Herald.

During the call, the unperturbed baby seal made it way to her living room and made it self comfortable on the couch. Swoffer resisted temptation to touch the cute pup saying, because your not supposed to touch wild things.

The SPCA ended up calling the Department of Conservation, which was already on the hunt for the missing seal, who had been spotted in someone else’s garden earlier in the afternoon.

The department removed the stray pup and returned him to the water.

Here are some photos Swoffer took of the actual seal sitting on her sofa.

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