Best Butt Discount To Customer At Twisted Root Burger

One female diner with the “best butt” and for being “best looking” received a two-cent discount from the Twisted Root Burger and she even posted the receipt online, which has gone visual, but the restaurant has remained quiet.

The woman was surprised to look down at her receipt from the burger joint and find a discount for having the “Best Butt” and “Best Looking” itemized along with her veggie bowl — add fried pickles — and soft drink. The “compliments” even netted the unsuspecting customer a $0.02 discount.

While the receipt can’t be 100% verified, a source who worked at the same burger chain explained that the cash register system did allow “fun discounts” to be added.

According to an employee of the Texas-based Twisted Root Burger Company, the restaurant chain, known for its “jokey service schtick,” has “these random discounts we can give out for fun.”

“She actually laughed about it, she was rather flattered,” according to the person who now has the reciept’s recipient, who adds, “being attractive has its benefits, it seems haha.”

“Perhaps it’s franchise-specific, but as long as the server isn’t charging for compliments, it’s a harmless way to cheer up someone’s day. Or at least, it would cheer up my day,” said Consumerist’s Mary Beth Quirk.

This isn’t the first time a cashier has taken “creative license” with his or her point-of-sale system.

In January, a New York City Papa Johns customer got more than she ordered, when her receipt came back with “lady chinky eyes,” a racial slur, input in the customer name field.

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