Billionaire Sheikh Hamad Carves Own Name In Island

Not having much of an ego problem, billionaire sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan carved a two mile-wide swath of his own name into his self owned island. The island is located in the United Arab Emirates and is called Al Futaisi. The name, HAMAD, is so massive, with each letter over half a mile high, and it’s visible from space.

You can see the name carved out on Google Earth if you search the area around the Arab Emirates. The name was dugout as canals which are filled with water connected to the sea. It took a lot of imported laborers from the likes of Pakistan and Bangladesh to dig those canals.

Hamad has shown a penchant for excess in the past. He is said to own more than 200 cars, including seven Mercedes 500 SELs painted in the colors of the rainbow. The 63-year-old Hamad, it turns out, seems to live by the motto “go big or go home.” Forbes notes that Hamad’s Emirates National Auto Museum features a “custom-built globe-shaped motor home said to be one-millionth the size of the Earth itself” and a pyramid housing his vast car collection.

Hamad is a member of the Abu Dhabi Ruling Family in the United Arab Emirates. Futaisi Island, has been handed down from father to son. It covers an area of 50 square kilometres ( larger than Abu Dhabi central city).It was last given to Sheikh Hamad by his father Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan.(deceased) the past Prime Minister of Abu Dhabi Emirate and cousin to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918-2004) the founder of the UAE.