Birth On The Subway With Umbilical Cord Still Attached

Birth on the subway in Philadelphia. Police say a woman riding the Philadelphia subway line gave birth to a new baby with an umbilical cord still attached. The woman riding the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s Broad Street line told officers she delivered the newborn aboard northbound train Tuesday afternoon.

Transit police Officer Loyd Rodgers and his partner gave the stork a helping hand after the woman approached them at the Olney station. Nestled in her clothing was her baby boy. Rodgers wrapped the newborn in a blanket and called for medics.

“It was a celebration, a real celebration,” said Rodgers, who described the mother and her baby as being very calm.

Rogers did not know where the woman was traveling or whether there were witnesses to the delivery on the train. He says all activity in the busy subway station halted as riders snapped pictures and congratulated the new mom.

The woman had been on her way to an appointment with her doctor when the surprise delivery occurred.

The baby and his mother were transported to nearby Einstein Medical Center, where they are in good condition.

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