Boston University Fraternity Tied Hazing, Police Make Arrests

Boston University Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi is being investigated after police found five students tied together in a hazing. When authorities were called to a home in Allston, MA due to loud music and yelling being reported, they found five of men with shaved heads, in their underwear, bound together and covered in welts.

According to police reports the five men, “had been doused with flour, coffee grounds, fish sauce, chili sauce, honey, hot sauce, mustard and empty sardine cans,” notes The Boston Channel.

They “were tied together via duct tape wrist-to-wrist to form a human chain,” states the authorized report. “All five were shivering and horrified and had fearful looks on their faces.”

While authorities believe that this is an act of hazing many of the men involved will not cooperate with the police, most likely for fear that they would not get accepted into the fraternity if they snitched. No medical attention was sought by the victims.

A Boston University spokesman spoke up about Alpha Epsilon Pi and stated that they were not a fraternity that is sanctioned by the school.

On Tuesday, authorities stated that they were seeking charges against 14 people involved in the situation, the charges include criminal complaints of hazing, failure to report hazing and assault and battery.

A hearing is scheduled for Monday, May 7.

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