Bear Falls Out Of Tree Onto Bouncy House

A young black bear in Arkansas decided to climb up into a tree in a rural area of Conway and not come down, so officials set up bouncy houses and hit him with tranquilizer darts to cause him to fall on them.

The bear was dubbed Foster, named after the street he was found on. After hours of waiting for the Foster to come out of the tree, authorities hatched a plan by going to a nearby hardware store that also rented out children’s bouncy houses for parties. They got a regular bouncy house and a blowup castle and set both of them up under the tree.

The bouncy houses were set up to cushion a fall after wildlife officials shot Foster with tranquilizer darts until he passed out. Still however, the black bear had himself positioned in just away that even though he was knocked out would not fall.

“He would slide to one side, and we’re like, ‘Oh, oh, oh, he’s going to come down, he’s going to come down,’ ” Conway police spokeswoman La Tresha Woodruff said. “And then he’d balance himself again.”

So firefighters had to knock him out of the tree with a blast from a fire hose. Foster then glanced of the side of one of the two bouncy houses and settled on the ground between the two “kind of “like if you get something stuck between the wall and the bed,” said Woodruff.

“Foster was fine, just knocked out,” she said.

The wildlife officials now plan to relocate Foster to an area somewhere in the Ozark Mountains.

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