Boy, 5, Brings Heroin To Show And Tell Kindergarten Class

A stepfather of a 5-year-old boy in Bridgeport, Connecticut has been arrested after the kindergartner took his jacket to school and found several bags of heroin in the pockets and decided to demonstrate the contents for Show and Tell with his classmates.

After realizing that the boy had drugs, his teacher alerted school officials, and the police were called.

“Children bring to school what they find at home,” Superintendent Paul Vallas said after the boy shared what he found in his stepfather’s jacket.

According to the Connecticut Post, police say that there were 50 packets of heroin found in the jacket, worth $500 and the boy displayed them during show-and-tell to his classmates. Meanwhile, Vallas contends he just waived some of the packets around from his desk cubicle.

Apparently, 35-year-old Santos Roman realized the boy had accidentally taken his stash to school and went to try to recover it. Police had already seized the drugs at this point, happily arrested Roman when he showed up.

Aside from drug charges he also is accused of risk of injury to a minor. On Tuesday his bail was set at $100,000 in Superior Court. Meanwhile the 5-year-old has been placed in his grandmother’s custody, after his mother was refused custody upon arriving at the school to pick him up.

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