Boy Pees On $36,000 Worth Of Apple MacBooks

An 11-year-old Pennsylvania boy has been charged after he actively pees on $36,000 worth of MacBooks owned by his school, a liquid that Apple defines as biohazard to the portable computer devices.

Local police were called to Upper Allen Elementary School in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, after teachers discovered the student had relieved himself on around 30 laptops.

The expensive technology, which had been sitting unattended on a cart in a school hallway, was “damaged beyond repair,” police told the Daily Mail.

The student is facing charges of institutional vandalism and criminal mischief, although he wasn’t arrested.

His case has been passed to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department.

Police said they did not know why the boy urinated on the expensive school-owned equipment, according to

“The cart and computers were damaged beyond repair resulting in the loss of over $36,000,” police said.

Apple refuses to fix MacBooks that have been urinated on, considering them an occupational health and safety hazard to its repair staff.

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