Boy Suspended For Michael Jackson Dance During School Benefit

A Minnesota boy got suspended for performing a Michael Jackson dance during a fundraiser because the school believed he was mimicking the King of Pop’s well-known groin grab during a lip-syncing benefit.

The boy, 9-year-old Lenny Broberg, didn’t know that grabbing his groin to the tune of a Michael Jackson dance would get him suspended.

The Principal of the school, Pat Bowlin, went up to his mother at the fundraiser and told them the routine how it was inappropriate.

Lenny’s mother stated that her son performed many dance routines during the past two years at similar events, and that the performances were all approved at the time of rehearsal.

So, the family called a meeting with the Rev. Richard Colletti, Bowlin, and Marsha Stenzel, Winona’s director of Catholic education, and they all decided to reverse the student’s suspension.

According to the Lenny’s mother, he will receive an apology from the school and be allotted time to make up his missed school for the time that he missed.

Winona’s would not comment on the incident except to say that they will be praying on it. This story was first reported by the La Crosse Tribune and Winona Daily News. However, it managed to spread across the world within just days.

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