Brett Favre’s Sister Sued Over Meth Lab Fumes In Neighborhood

Brett Favre Sister Sued – Brandi Favre, the sister of former NFL quarterback Brett Favre, is being sued by an ex-nieghbor for destroying there family home.

34-year-old, Brandi had been busted in Mississippi last year for running a meth lab out of her condo. At the time seven of her surrounding neighbors had to be evacuated after the bust, so that a HAZMAT team could clean out the dangerous fumes associated with the meth lab found in her bathroom.

Now one neighbors, is suing Brandi for causing them to have to vacate their home for five months, after having a meth screening company investigate their home and report a “wide spread meth contamination” and to have it cleaned up as soon as possible.

The suit names Brandi, along with her fellow accomplices that were arrested for the meth lab, and was looking for unspecified damages. Brandi has yet to be sentenced in her criminal part of the incident.

Because of the combustable chemicals and the process that Brandi Favre used to create meth, it creates a residue on surrounding walls that can be very flammable and could also cause the inhabits of a home with meth residue, to become very sick, for even several years after the contamination.

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