Burglar Christmas Decorations For Family Home

Burglar Christmas Decorations – Alleged intruder Terry Trent, who was high on bath salts and a reputation for being a burglar, hangs decorations in a family’s home for Christmas. The owner, Tamara Henderson, was visiting her neighbors.

Vandalia police said resident Tamara Henderson was visiting next door neighbors when her 11-year-old son called to say he had arrived home to find a strange man on the couch, WHIO-TV, Dayton, Ohio, reported Wednesday.

Investigators said Terry Trent, 44, who may have been on a designer drug known as “bath salts,” had entered the home through a back door. Henderson, who called 911 after speaking to her son, said the man made himself at home.

“The candle was lit on the coffee table, the television was on and very loud, and the candle on the kitchen table was lit,” Henderson said.

She said he also put up some of the family’s Christmas decorations. Henderson said the man apologized to her son and said he was leaving before police arrived and placed him under arrest.

“He had said to him, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll get my things and go,'” Henderson said.

Trent was arrested and taken to the Montgomery County Jail on a burglary charge.

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