Buxom Bandit Needs To Be Stopped, COPS Say

A bandit that has been dubbed “Buxom” is gaining fame after just one small robbery and police are trying to catch up to her before she strikes again.

Police are pretty sure that they’ll be able to track her down due to several mistakes the woman made during the robbery.

For one, she didn’t wear a mask. The woman also only wore a glove on one hand. She used the gloved hand to hold a knife while her bare hand made contact with several items in the store. Police believe that they’ll be able to use fingerprints to identify the woman.

The Daily Mail reports that the woman ran behind the counter and brandished a knife at the attendant. The woman made several threats but no one was hurt in the robbery.

A spokesman for Queensland police department said, “There were a number of serious threats to harm the attendant and she fled with a small amount of money.”

America has its own version of the bandit after Samara Leneece Seward had stolen the identities of several school employees. The 31-year-old was faced grand theft and identity theft charges. Seward was also charged withviolating her probation.

The Sheriff’s Office used the moniker because prior to identifying a suspect, investigators knew her only as a full-figured woman who was caught on surveillance video at a school.

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