Car Thief Pocket Dial 911 Alerts Dispatcher Of Location

Law enforcement in Washington state said an unlucky car thief was arrested after a series of accidental “pocket dial” calls to 911 as he was trying to make his getaway, but the mobile phone was used to track his every move with the stolen vehicle.

Police said a dispatcher answered what appeared to be a 911 “pocket dial” March 14 and listened to a group of men having a conversation that appeared to be about stealing cars, KOMO-TV, Seattle, reported Thursday.

The phone was tracked to downtown Renton, where police soon received a report of a stolen Toyota 4-Runner.

Police said the same phone made two more 911 calls about four days later and they heard two men talking about the stolen 4-Runner and a set of “stolen rims” on the car they were currently driving. Police traced the call and discovered an abandoned Honda with custom hubcaps that had been reported stolen earlier in the day.

The phone next dialed 911 April 1 and the call was traced to an apartment complex in the Renton Highlands where they found Wesley Strom, 40, sitting in a car. He told police his phone often calls 911 on its own and he admitted to having been inside stolen cars including the Honda and the 4-Runner.

Strom was arrested on an outstanding warrant and charged with possession of the stolen Honda and 4-Runner. His bail was set at $70,000.

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