Carl Weathers Not Joseph Kony In Latest Photo

Carl Weathers is a Hollywood actor, a good man to many, but someone went on the Internet and claimed he was Joseph Kony, the Ugandan warlord who’s become the subject of a global social-network campaign, who is evading capture amid tensions between Central African nations where his Lord’s Resistance Army operates.

In fact, Joseph Kony doesn’t even look like Carl Weathers. Several people on the Internet assumed he was a racist who wants to see children brainwashed and killing each other. The only thing that comes close is the hat that was worn in the movie “Predator.”

What started as a campaign to bring one man to justice has been tarnished by others who are spreading misinformation over various social media platforms. It does seem pretty suspicious that every post would start off with the same formula, of someone declaring their love for the actor. The outrage from others who can’t seem to use common sense that the information might not be correct are posting messages, “I can’t believe you’d support him.”

In fact, one of the posts does allege that this is an experiment: Post a photo of any black man along with Kony 2012 info and see if people actually recognize it as Joseph Kony. What’s especially shameful is that you can now search by image. You would think that at least one person would have tried that before playing into such a controversial subject.

It tells you which of these kids have watched Arrested Development fans and which haven’t. Weathers played himself as an acting coach con man who tricked Tobias (David Cross) into buying him dinner at Burger King. Can you see the humor in that?

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