Catholic Teacher Says Fired Over Maternity Leave?

Catholic teacher Christa Dias was immediately fired at school for asking maternity leave. The school says she violated their contract, which requires her to adhere to Catholic studies and teachings. She says shouldn’t be punished for wanting to have children.

Dias, a former teacher at Holy Family and St. Lawrence Catholic schools in Cincinnati, Ohio, claims she was fired for becoming pregnant using artificial insemination.

She was fired in October 2010 when, at five and a half months pregnant, she approached her employer about maternity leave options.

When she told the school that firing her violates federal and state anti-discrimination laws, they said she was fired because she became pregnant using artificial insemination. That, the school said, was in direct violation of her contract.

However, per the U.S. Constitution, Americans have the right to practice their religion of choice.

“She has a right to her opinion, but she doesn’t have a right to violate her (employment) contract,” Archdiocese of Cincinnati spokesman Dan Andriacco told the website.

The contract Ms Dias signed called for employees to adhere to Catholic social teachings, including the avowal that having a child without a husband and out of wedlock is a ‘grave immoral’ act.

Her case against the schools is on hold in the U.S. District Course in Cincinnati as the Supreme Court rules on a similar case.

“I’m disappointed more than anything that I couldn’t continue my career because I wanted a child,” Dias said.

The former Catholic teacher says she is because, according to her, the school holds a double-standard.

She says that men who participate in artificial insemination don’t have the tell-tale signs of pregnancy, but the fact that it isn’t enforced is much of the problem.

The schools attorneys said the case is all about Dias violating her contract. They said any argument besides that would “unavoidably put (Catholic) doctrine itself on trial.”

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