Chef: Puppy Meat Taste Like Pork

Celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says puppy meat compares that of pork. He is one of the stars on a British cooking show called “The River Cottage.” Not being known to shy away from exotic dishes, he once cooked and ate a plate of placenta pate’.

Fearnley-Whittingstall who also tried curried fruit bat, giraffe and calf testicles in the past, said “it is a cultural decision to make pets out of dogs and food out of pigs,” adding the animals “could be used the other way round.”

Fearnley-Whittingstall has not tried puppy meat and asked if he would eat Larador loin or cat liver he said, “Not unless I was on the point of starvation.” However, he is not opposed to a culture dining on the meat.

“In principle, but not in practice, I have no objection to a high-welfare organic puppy farm,” the Telegraph quoted him as telling the Radio Times.

“You can’t object, unless you also object to the farming of pigs. It’s an artificial construct of our society, a cultural decision, to make pets out of dogs and meat out of pigs. Both animals could be used the other way round, although pigs probably do make better meat than dogs and dogs better pets than pigs, but it’s not a foregone conclusion,” he stated.

On television, Fearnley-Whittingstall’s reputation is that of an eccentric chef. Initial exposure came in Cook on the Wild Side, an exploration of earthy cuisine. His habit of “picking up roadkill and eating the hedgerows, earned him his nickname of Hugh Fearlessly-Eatsitall.” He followed this with the series TV Dinners, during an episode of which he notoriously flambeed and pureed a human placenta which was served as a pate and “much enjoyed by the baby’s family and friends.”