Chicago Man Goes Naked During Chipmunks Movie for Drugs

Chicago Man Naked Chipmunks Movie – A Chicago man surprised guests at an Illinois movie theater after he stripped down and got completely naked to watch a Chipmunks movie in a front row seat.

According to the police report, about 30 minutes into the screening, he simply got up and left, only to return moments later completely unclothed.

He walked in front of everyone in the theater as people looked on in disbelief.

The police were called in and 96 people were escorted out of the theatre.

The police made the man, 34-year-old Edward Brown, put his clothing back on before arresting him.

Brown told police he was approached by an unknown woman who let him into the theater for free and told him to go inside and take his cloths off, then wait for her in the front row to have sex. She promised him drugs, such as heroin and crack, if waited for her. Well, the woman never showed up for the odd date.

Management at The Classic Cinema movie theatre at the North Riverside Park Mall refunded all the patrons that were asked to leave. Meanwhile, Brown is being charged with a felony count of sexual exploitation of children among other charges and is due in a Chicago court on January 9th with his bail set at $100,000.

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