Christopher Slate And Beer Buddy Attack McDonalds

A Tennessee man named Christopher Slate and his drinking buddy, Sean Mosey got drunk on Saturday evening and made a mess at their local McDonalds. Slate, 21, decided to throw bricks and concrete through the windows of the fast-food restaurant.

According to police reports the two had been drinking when they went to the establishment in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and ordered cheeseburgers.

They immediately complained to the manager that there was not an insufficient amount of onions on them.

They claim the manager just cursed them, which caused them to get angry.

The two went home and “continued to drink beer and get worked up about the cheeseburgers,” according to the police report.

“We were ticked. I mean ticked is an understatement. We hung out and drank more, and everything went down,” Slate told local news station WTVF-TV of how he and Mosey felt after being angered by the manager.

As the two continued to drink they decided at around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning to go back to the McDonald’s.

Slate reportedly then threw a brick through the front window of the fast-food restaurant and Mosey used a chunk of concrete to break the drive-through window.

Two employees were injured from this meaningless incident.

Police later found Slate at his home while Mosey was a little easier to catch, due to the fact he had passed out on the pavement from being too drunk. Police found him still laying there when they arrived.

Both individuals were charged with felony reckless endangerment and vandalism.

Plus, Mosey got an extra charge of public intoxication for being found passed out.

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