City Bans Fake Grass

City Bans Fake Grass – Three months ago, the city of Glendale, CA, approved a ban on the use of artificial fake grass on residents’ front yards — and now authorities plan to go after those who haven’t ripped up their faux greenery and replaced it with the real thing. Some residents are very much surprised.

“At this point in time, they’re telling me to pull it out,” one resident, who says he was told by city officials before the ban was enacted that he wouldn’t have to uproot his turf. “It was a total surprise.”

Those opposed to the fake grass are concerned about possible environmental hazards they believe the artificial turf poses. On the flip side, those in favor of the fake stuff say it saves on water and maintenance and looks just as good as real grass. They say that if the city is so concerned about the dangers of artificial grass, why is it still allowed in back yards?

“There’s enough drama in life without having the city breathing down my back,” another homeowner, who paid $3,000 to have her faux grass removed, tells CBS. “I’m very angry about it, to tell you the truth.”

City officials tell KCAL-TV they plan to press criminal charges against those who do not comply with the ban.

“We’re hoping it doesn’t get to that point,” one official tells the Glendale News-Press.

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