CNN Dog Poop Left In Mailbox By Executive Bob Furnad

A former CNN executive, political director and Headline News president, Bob Furnad has been caught on a home security video placing dog poop in his neighbor’s mailbox in relation to an ongoing neighborly feud in Covington, Georgia.

After his neighbor’s Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller found the footage of Furnad depositing the bag of dog poop in their mailbox, they released the video to a local CBS new affiliate, which left Furnad admitting that he had done it as revenge on the neighbors, who he claims he has a problem with.

However, both Dameron and Miller claim they have not spoken to Furnad in years and any news of a feud between them is news to them.

Furnad says that it was probably not the best way to respond to years of rumor spreading by the neighbors, that he considered defamation of character, he was also unapologetic for the act. “This was an immature act in response to years of malicious rumor mongering that I consider defamation of character,” he told the Covington News.

At the time of the prank Dameron and Miller say they were preparing for a wedding that was going to be taking place on their property. “We were working, getting ready for a wedding and we were out on the driveway,” Dameron told WGCL. “We thought, well, we’re this close, we’ll check the mailbox to see if the mail’s come.”

The neighbors said that they don’t plan on suing Furnad over the prank saying the embarrassment he has caused is punishment enough. “I think this is embarrassing enough for him, as well as everyone in Covington,” Dameron said.

Furnad, who also faces a $180 fine for tampering with the mailbox, worked at CNN for several years up until 2001 and is now considered a respected professor at the University of Georgia.

Furnad spent years at CNN, and produced more major political events than any other executive in the channel’s history, a fact noted by former CNN DC bureau chief David Bohrman when he left the network last year.

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