Cocaine Delivered To The UN By Mistake

Cocaine delivered to the United Nations Headquarters by mistake

Two bags that evidentially got lost in DHL’s system ended up getting delivered to the United Nations Headquarters in New York were UN security found that they contained almost $2 million in cocaine back on January 16th.

The bags originated in Mexico but had no return or sender address on them and ended up at DHL’s Cincinnati, Ohio hub. Police say that because the bags had UN symbols on them that DHL thought they must belong to them so they had them delivered for the UN to figure out what it was.

“It is my understanding that because there was no addresses, the DHL just thought, well, that’s the UN symbol so we should ship it on to UN headquarters and let them figure out who it was supposed to go to,” deputy commissioner Browne said.

The two bags contained hollowed out books with about 16 kilogram of cocaine in them. Browne said the two bags with the symbols on them were “obvious fakes”, being the wrong color and material, which allowed the security staff to identify them quickly.

“It was not a diplomatic pouch. That I can say categorically,” UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said.

“The working theory now is that possibly it was never meant to have left Mexico at all,” Browne said,

He added, “Somebody in Mexico is probably in trouble now having let a significant amount of cocaine out of their possession.”

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