Cocaine Found In Woman’s Tampon

A Salt Lake City woman got the surprise of a lifetime when she found a bargain on a box of tampons at a salvage and freight recovery store for $1.99 then found out they were packed with cocaine.

Cindy Davidson bought the box of tampons at a ‘National Products Store’ that sells lost and damaged freight, on Saturday. After discovering the white powder inside, she though it might be some kind of poison and called the police and the hazmat team.

“I looked inside the applicator and there was cellophane stuff with powder,” said Davidson. “I thought it was anthrax or something, a terrorist attack, so I was nervous.”

“They tested it, ran it through, came back that it wasn’t’ anything hazardous as far as a hazmat situation, and we were able to test it through our field test kits and it came back positive for cocaine,” said Salt Lake City Police Det. Weichman.

Now investigators want to find out if this is part of a bigger smuggling ring.

“It’s didn’t’t look like it had been tampered with at all — it was perfection actually,” Davidson told FOX 13.

“It’s definitely a sophisticated way of trying to smuggle, if that’s what it is, because the box didn’t’t appear to be tampered with,” said Det. Weichman.

The Salt Lake City Police say that if anyone else has bought tampered with tampons they should call.

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