Comedy Writer Tells Jokes $1, Earns $140 First Six Hours

A comedy writer tells you a joke for $1 and so far he has earned $140 during the first six hours in New York’s Central Park.

“Did you see MIT students invented a robot that can play video games? Yeah, even their inventions are virgins,” Jason Schneider said.

The comedian struggled to get a job with Comedy Central and HBO so the comedian came up with a different idea. Sell jokes for $1 a piece to passing by strangers in the park.

Schnieder hold’s a big sign reading “$1 Jokes Laughter Guaranteed,” in the park to advertise his new business. And it seems to be working because he’s making a little month and has since gained international media coverage.

However, he says it’s not an easy way to make a living. “I’ve calculated it all out and between writing the jokes, telling the jokes, making the signs, and filming my Internet series Park Jokes, I have been working 80-85 hours a week,” said Schneider.

“So if people think that I have fallen into easy money, they are mistaken,” he added.

“What do you call Chewbacca when he’s working with clay?,” the comedy writer he asked. “Harry Potter,” said to tourists from Pittsburgh, who tossed some money into his neon green bucket. They laughed.