Connellsville Marijuana Smurf Grandmother – Alberta Kelley Acquitted

Connellsville Marijuana Grandmother – A Connellsville woman, Alberta Kelley, was charged with illegally growing marijuana, but this grandmother was acquitted because she told the court that a strange man dressed as a Smurf handed her seeds, saying that they would grow into the “prettiest flowers she has ever seen.”

The jury sided with the 67-year-old Pennsylvania woman, and her story made a lot of sense to them, and it seems like this is the only town on the map that has men dressed like Smurfs to offer seeds to people to plant pretty flowers.

The grandmother said when she was arrested after she had tried telling the police she had no idea the plants were marijuana, and that some strange man had given her the seeds as she was out for a walk one day. The jury bought it and acquitted.

“He said they was flower seeds. Some guy just gave them to me, and I just planted them,” Kelley told Channel 4 Action News reporter Ashlie Hardway. “Around here, I don’t know any of the neighbors.”

“I was waiting to see what kind of flowers they grew, because flowers are pretty. We grow some in the front and some over there,” Kelley said. “I never saw marijuana plants grow in my entire life, and I never been around marijuana, so I wouldn’t know the difference. To me, weeds are weeds.”

Alberta Kelley was charged in January of last year after law enforcement received an anonymous tip and when arriving they found seven 4 foot tall marijuana plants growing among her tomato plants in the yard, Connellsville Police Chief James Capitos said.

“In a situation like that, we don’t have much of a choice but to file the charges,” Capitos said. “You don’t decide whether or not you’re going to charge somebody based on their age or what they look like. You’re going to file based on whether or not you have probable cause to make the arrest.”

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