Divorcing Couple Ordered To Exchange Facebook Passwords

Couple Ordered To Exchange Passwords, Divorcing couple passwords dispute. A judge in Connecticut has ordered Stephen and Courtney Gallion to exchange login information for Facebook and dating web sites. .a couple getting divorced to exchange Facebook and dating Web site passwords.

Gary Traystman, Stephen Gallion’s divorce lawyer, said his client saw incriminating information on the computer he shares with his wife, leading him to suspect more evidence would turn up on her social networking accounts. Traystman said that could include how she feels about her children and her ability to care for them, which could help his client’s argument for full custody.

During a deposition, Traystman asked Courtney Gallion for passwords to her Facebook account as well as her eHarmony.com and Match.com accounts. She at first refused but then turned them over when her lawyer advised her to do so.

Traystman said Courtney Gallion asked a friend in a text message to change the passwords and delete some of her messages

Traystman then asked for and got an injunction from judge Kenneth Shluger barring Courtney Gallion from deleting material and ordered the lawyers to exchange passwords for both spouses so they could conduct discovery.

Forbes notes the order violates Facebook’s terms of service, which require users not give their passwords to anyone else.

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