Waldo ‘The Cow’ Captured After Running For Months

A cow named Wanda, who was at one point called Waldo, has been finally caught after evading authorities for months with a series of surprises in Milford, Connecticut.

Milford Animal Control Officer Rick George had caught the cow Wednesday night, affectionately named Waldo, that’s evaded him since July. Then he found out Waldo is actually a Wanda.

It is still unknown, to as which farm in the area Wanda escaped from, but it maybe due to a group of deer she can thank for being able to roam free for the last 6 months. It is believed that she hung with the group of deer and they would alert her when humans were close to capturing her, and she could get away.

“Fascinating and frustrating,” is how veterinarian Kimberly McClure Brinton describes the experience.

“The first time that we tried to do this a month ago, there was one deer, I think it was a buck that was hanging out with her, that would stomp and snort and warn her that there were people close.”

George used a molasses soaked grain bait to lure her into a portable coral to finally capture her. She was then transported to a local farm where she will remain unless her owner can come and identify her.