Crane Operator Tries To Steal Car

LaPorte, Ind. – La Porte, Ind. police said that a man wanted to steal a car so badly, he picked it up with a crane and took off. The robbery happened early Sunday morning at a Jeep-Chrysler dealership. The robber pulled up in a flatbed truck with a crane attached to the back, then lifted the Jeep up by the roof.

Surveillance camera footage at LaPorte Chrysler showed someone driving a truck carrying a crane onto the lot, then circling around to park next to the 2008 Wrangler.

The robbery took six minutes, start to finish — but it wasn’t the smartest plan. “It had to do a ton of damage,” said Matt Magnuson, whose family has been selling cars in the lot for 37 years. “First of all, it would’ve gone through both doors on either side and smashed the window and probably bent the hard top on the Jeep and the frame.”

The crane caper happened at 7 a.m., but it wasn’t until a salesman noticed broken glass on Sunday afternoon that they called the cops.

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Police said they arrested a single suspect in the case Tuesday. They recovered the crane allegedly used, LaPorte Police Chief of Detectives Adam Klimczak told the station, but had not yet found the missing vehicle.

“Most of the time they steal tires and wheels and put em on blocks or hot wire a car and then smash the window,” he stated.