Cyclist Steals Bike Back On Craigslist

A Washington D.C. man decided to turn the tables on a thief who stole his bike and posted it for sale on Craigslist. He got even by stealing it right back.

Avid cyclist Danny Lesh explains to WRC-TV that he had lent his $600 bike, he bought in 1998, to a friend who had locked it up with a cable lock.

However, someone used a pair of bolt cutters and stole the bike last weekend.

Lesh said that a few days later while searching Craigslist to see if anyone was selling a bike that might be his, he came across an ad by a man selling his easily identifiable bike, because of a personal sticker on it, for $100.

Lesh said that he called the police, but they told him they were busy with other things and could not get to it right away. Lesh worried someone else might buy the bike before the police acted, took maters into his own hands, so he arranged a meeting with the man selling the bike.

“I knew I had to do it that day, or else I’d never see the bike again,” he said.

Lesh said when the man came out of an alley with his bike, he asked to take it for a test ride, when the man agreed to let Lesh take the test ride he simply just rode off with it.

Danny says afterwards the man called him saying he was going to call the police if he did not return the bike, which he responded by just laughing at the thief. He also posted a message on Craigslist to would-be customers of the guy stealing bikes that he was selling stolen goods.

“Honestly … I couldn’t help feeling bad for all the other people he’d stolen bikes from,” Lesh said.

Adding that he hoped he interrupted his business a little bit.

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