Darth Vader Burger For 3D ‘Phantom’ Release

Darth Vader Burger – Darth Vader will get his own burger during the re-release of episode #1 of Star Wars “The Phantom Menace” in 3D. It will open in France on February 10th at a popular fast-food restaurant chain with a complete movie theme.

The chain, Quick, say the patty will sport a black bun in honor of the character from the dark side. The name of the burger will be called the “Dark Vader.”

Quick originated out of Belgium in 1971 and has grown into Europe’s biggest fast food chain and is likened to McDonalds in similarity.

In the first 3 episode of the Star Wars movies it shows the advancement of an innocent young Anekin Skywalker who is taken under the tutelage of Obi-Wan Kanobi, grow and turn in to the infamous Darth Vador.

Another character from Episode 1 to have it’s own burger will be Darth Maul. Called the “Dark Burger” will be a double cheese burger with a special mayo sauce. and a third burger will be named after Yoda with large white looking seed on the bun..

The limited edition Vader burgers will be available at chains across France from January 31st till March 1st if your in the area.

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