Daughter Takes Sword and Forced To Fight Dad

Daughter Fights Dad With Sword In Duo Fight – Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A man who forced his daughter to take up a sword and fight him while wearing body armor has been arrested. It’s one of the craziest stories that took several hours of fighting before the local police got involved.

The Thurston County sheriff’s office reports that the 38-year-old man had grown angry after his 16-year-old ran away from home. He had an idea to settle the matter, the old fashion way, after he got the girl back home. The father summoned one of his other children fetch willow branches from the backyard early Sunday morning.

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However, He then fashioned switches out of these branches, deputies said, and sat on top of his daughter and whipped her backside and legs. But the man, unsatisfied with the punishment, decided to put the girl in Renaissance-era body armor with a shield and a wooden sword.

He then allegedly forced her to engage in a sword fight with him in the backyard at 2 a.m., and beat her for two hours until she could no longer stand. “I think she made attempts to fight back and defend herself. But she’s a 100-pound 16-year-old, and he’s a 300-pound adult. And he got the better of her,” said Lt. Greg Elwin.

The girl, who was badly bruised, managed to send a text message to her friend, who, in turn, dialed 911. When officers arrived at the home, the father claimed he was a “Renaissance fighter.” He was booked into the Thurston County Jail for investigation of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon.

“He made some statement that now she was 16, they could fight about the problems and work it out that way,” Elwin said. “It seems to be his way to discipline and (a way to) control his daughter.”

The wife, who works at a daycare center, was also arrested for investigation of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon as an accessory. Investigators said the woman encouraged the fighting to “wipe the smirk off the teenager’s face.”