Day Care Worker Duct Tapes Toddler On Floor Mat

A day care worker in Ludlow, Kentucky tapes a toddler to a floor mat because he would not sleep or take a nap.

At the time of the incident the child was 18-months-old, but the mother of the child did not find out about what happened until a couple months later when another employee who says they witnessed the incident, finally told her.

20-year-old Alicia Lyon’s was fired from the ‘Mustard Seeds Child Care’, then arrested for the alleged abuse after the mother questioned the management. At first Lyon’s denied the accusations but later confessed to duct taping the child down to get him to go to sleep with the help of another employee.

The mother told police she was just informed last Wednesday that the taping occurred in October of last year, according to chief Wayne Turner .

The Kentucky Enquirer report’s that on Wednesday of last week, Lyons was charged with first-degree criminal abuse, and was released from jail the following day.

A statement released by the day care center said it was cooperating with police and Kentucky state officials in the case and that this was an isolated incident. There was no report as of yet of any action taken against a second employee that allegedly helped Lyons. There was also no explanation as to why the one employee waited so long to report the incident.

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