Dentist Uses Paper Clips In Root Canals

A dentist used paper clips on his patients as permanent posts for root cancel procedures because he wanted to cut costs in Fall River, Massachusetts.

The 53-year-old Michael Clair was indicted in 2010 and this past Monday, on top of using paperclips as permanent posts, he also plead guilty to defrauding the MassHealth Medicaid program of $130,000 by using the names and information from several other dentist’s he hired at his practice to claim Medicaid payments for the permanent stainless steel posts he was not using, after being suspended from being able to file for the payments himself in 2002.

Including the fraud charge, Clair plead guilty to several other charges brought against him by the attorney general’s office such as, assault and battery, larceny over $250, tampering with evidence, intimidation of a witness after he was instructed to not have any contact with one, and illegally prescribing pain killers.

Surprisingly, Attorney General Martha Coakley said, it is not uncommon to use pieces of a paperclip as a temporary post in a root canal procedure, with it later being replaced by a permanent stainless steel post. If not replaced the paperclip will lead to a painful infection.

Clair is excepted to receive his sentencing on Monday. January 30th.

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