Dog Chasing Deer

Dog Chasing Deer – A YouTube video, which shows a dog chasing red deer in Richmond Park, has gone viral today. It was at one point the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide. It’s hilarious, but quite shocking at the same time.

Many dog owners will be able relate to the man trying to call his dog back. He’s taking his pet — the now famous “Benton”– for a peaceful walk in the park, and suddenly, the pastoral scene turns into mayhem.

The man can be heard off camera at first, calling his dog’s name calmly, presumably at the stage when Benton has first spotted the deer. Within seconds, Benton’s name is being bawled repeatedly, interspersed with curses: the dog is clearly ignoring his owner.

The reason for Benton’s misbehaviour then becomes clear as forty or more deer run into the frame, pursued by the sleek shape of a black dog sprinting at full tilt. As the deer veer towards traffic on the park road, the  owner runs desperately after his dog, still bellowing; it’s partly the futility of his efforts to catch up with the animals that’s so funny. He hasn’t got a chance.

It’s a shocking video, however, because of the potential disaster of the out-of-control deer: they could easily have run into oncoming traffic, causing a serious accident.

The video highlights the single most important command that dog owners need to teach their pets: to come back when called.