Dog Finds Human Skull Near NM Airport, Beagle Owner

A dog finds a human skull near NM airport, according to a beagle owner. They were a little shocked when they went out for a walk and the pet returned home with something shocking.

A Gallup, New Mexico pet owner was a little shocked when his pet dog went out for a walk and returned home with a human skull.

The beagle owner was reported to live on the west end of Gallup’s airport, and called police last Saturday evening when the dog returned home with the skull.

Deputy police chief, John Allen, tells MSNBC that after investigating it, the skull appears to belong to a male between the ages of 35 to 45 and appeared to have died about 3 years ago.

Due the size of the beagle authorities figured the dog must have found the skull nearby since he couldn’t have carried it far. So after a search they found more human remains that they believed to be linked to the skull.

“It is a criminal investigation at this time and until we determine otherwise, or receive other information, we’re going to continue along this path,” Allen said. “We’re attempting to identify who this individual may be … we may possibly have a lead, and we’re looking into that right now.”

Gallup Police Det. John Yearley had said it isn’t a surprise to them that the dog showed up with the skull as it is not uncommon a few times a year that dogs or coyotes unearth remains. He added that there was a case last year that led to a homicide investigation after another dog found buried remains.

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