​Donkeys Suspected In Mauling After Pulling Man Off Bike

Author: John LesterBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 5, 2014

Two donkeys suspected of mauling a 65-year-old man to death are being kept under observation. Hungarian police are still investigation the bazaar incident that took place, on May 13, in the western Hungarian town of Magyarszecsod.

Sandor Horvath, 65, was believed to be pulled off of his motorcycle by the domesticated animals who were kept on a lot neighboring the retired firefighter’s small farm.

Horvath was most likely dragged approximately 50 meters (55 yards), as the donkeys bit and tramped him.

On Tuesday, the Vas County Police stated that they were still working on the case, but had no new developments to report.

They will know more about his cause of dead after autopsy results are released.

The fate of the donkeys has not been decided; for now, they are being kept under observation.

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