Driver Walks Off Greyhound Bus, Stranding Passengers 100 Miles

Driver Walks Off Greyhound Bus – The driver of a Greyhound bus decides to walk off, stranding passengers 100 miles from their destination, in rural Missouri. It all happened in the middle of the night as 45 passengers were left for about eight hours at a local gas station. The company was conducting an investigation of the incident and will take “appropriate disciplinary actions,” spokeswoman Maureen Richmond said.

“It was certainly unprecedented and absolutely inexcusable,” Richmond said.

She did not identify the driver “who walks” but said she was based in Memphis, Tennessee, and was cooperating with officials after being unavailable immediately after the incident. Richmond said the company made contact with the employee on Monday and was questioning her about her actions.

The woman was driving a route from Memphis to St. Louis — normally a six-hour trip — but she left the bus 150 miles short of her destination, turning the journey into a roughly 16-hour ordeal for passengers who boarded in Memphis.

Passengers who left Memphis about 7:30 p.m. Friday finally made it into St. Louis about noon on Saturday.

The trouble began near Sikeston, Missouri, when the she put an unruly passenger off the bus. She then took the other passengers east about 20 miles to Charleston, Missouri, where she walks off. The employee abandoned the vehicle about 150 miles south of St. Louis.

A Greyhound replacement employee was sent, but didn’t get to the passengers until about 8 a.m. on Saturday, some eight hours after the driver walked off, the company said. Greyhound was offering full refunds, Richmond said.