Eggless Chick Born, Sri Lanka Chicken Came Before Egg

A story out of Sri Lanka from a chief veterinary officer report stated that a hen chick gave birth to an ‘eggless’ chicken. This chicken surely came before the egg, but the mother hen did not survive after the birth. The chick was fully developed and is doing fine.

The officer of Welimada, PR Yapa, says he has never seen anything like this before.

After examining the body of the hen, Yapa says that instead of the hen laying an egg and having the chick incubated outside the hen’s body, the hen developed the egg but never laid it and the chick incubated for 21 days while still in the hen.

The fertilized egg developed inside the hen’s reproductive system and then hatched, and the chick was born. Yapa stated that after an examination of the hen, he determined that she died of eternal injuries after the birth.

Egg-laying hens are chickens that are farmed for their eggs. In the United Kingdom, consumers eat more than 29 million eggs daily. Some hen breeds are able to produce over 300 eggs annually. However, commercial hen’s egg-laying capability begins to decrease to the point where the flock is unusable.

Our friends over at the Daily Mirror has posted the headline: “The chicken came first; not the egg,” which is receiving a lot of attention in South Asia.

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