Erin Holdsworth Naked High Speed Chase (Video)

Erin Holdsworth was near naked when she led police on high speed chase reaching speeds allegedly in excess of 120 mph. When it all ended, it left Holdsworth wearing not much more than a set of stainless steel bracelets. Erin was clocked at nearly twice the 65 mph speed limit by an officer who was patrolling Route 422 near Hiram, Ohio.

The officer attempted to make a traffic stop but Holdsworth refused to comply, according to Bainbridge Police Chief Jon Bokovitz. “There was a pursuit of about seven miles,” Bokovitz told The Huffington Post. “An officer from the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office was in the area, and he put down stop sticks.”

Both of the left tires on Holdsworth’s vehicle were punctured by metal barbs on the tire-deflation device, forcing her to pull her disabled vehicle over to the side of the road. It was at that point that the routine stop took a bizarre turn.

“Well, she got out of her car on her own and she had on just a white thong and a fishnet top that was completely see-through,” Bokovitz said. He added, “She was obviously under the influence.”

“She was not very forthcoming on where she was coming from, what she was doing or why she was dressed the way she was,” Bokovitz said.

Despite refusing the test, Holdsworth was compliant with the arresting officer. It was not until they got her in the back of the patrol car that the stoic female allegedly became agitated, according to police. Police footage of the arrest shows what appears to be an enraged and near-naked Holdsworth attempting to break out windows in the police cruiser. Bokovitz said Holdsworth “kicked and beat her head on the glass and everything.”

Holdsworth was eventually brought under control and charged in Chardon Municipal Court with one count each of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, refusing a blood alcohol content test, fleeing and eluding, criminal damaging, driving under a suspended license, speeding and reckless operation. “It is a unique case,” Bokovitz said. “We don’t know where she was in the state of dress she was in. It is kind of weird but you see a lot of stuff out here doing this job.”

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