First Graders Get Handcuffed In School After Talking In Class

The parent of one of the first graders who attends a Chicago school is suing because their child was handcuffed by a security guard for hours after they were caught talking during class.

The student was among several others who were taken into an isolated office by a school security guard. They were handcuffed and told they were going to jail. In addition, they were told they would never see their parents again.

Michael Carin, the attorney for LaShanda Smith, said that school officials at Carver Primary School in the Chicago Housing Authority’s Altgeld Gardens development, hired an on-campus security guard last year to discipline some disruptive first-graders.

The security guard handcuffed Smith’s son and left his arms locked, for one full hour. Carin claims the school system has ignored his attempts to address the situation.

“There appears to be no reason for an officer to isolate 6- and 7-year-old children, place them in handcuffs and threaten them for hours during a school day, or any other day,” Carin said. “Unfortunately, we had to file a lawsuit because the Chicago Board of Education ignored my client on the day of the imprisonment and every day thereafter, We hope the Chicago Board of Education acknowledges its responsibility and resolves the matter quickly,” he added.

The Carver Primary School and the Board of Education are the only defendants named in the first graders case. The security officer or school administrators were not included. Smith is seeking more than $100,000 in damages for the handcuffed incident.