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Florida Man Wants To Snort Family Member Ashes

04/19/2012 06:47 PM ET

A Florida man was arrested and charged with grand theft after he stole the ashes of a dead woman and threatened her mother that he was going to snort them. It’s a story about one family member making threats to snort the remains of a family member. The mug shot itself is one thing, but there’s plenty of talk about why this man, Joseph Pointer of Lakeland, should be locked up for good.

According to the Lakeland Ledger, the arrest report indicated that the ashes of the woman, were those of Melissa Williamson who was killed in a 2008 car accident. It also indicated that Pointer, 51, had lived with Williamson’s sister, Angela Speakman, for a short time earlier this month.

The Ledger reports that Williamson’s ashes were split between Speakman and her parents. Speakman reported that she believed Pointer stole the ashes from her when he moved out. Pointer was then seen last Wednesday, driving by the mothers home shouting out the car window, “I’ve got your dead daughter’s ashes and I’m going to snort them.”

There was no initial motive given for why Pointer decided to steal the ashes and make the threat to the parents. There was one report indicating that Pointer may have been disgruntled over a break-up with Speakman and acted out.

As of this past Tuesday Pointer was still being held on a $1,000 bond and records show that he was arrested in 2008 for a controlled substance without a prescription and a violation of probation.

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