Georgia Woman Dials 911 After Bad & Busted Mugshot

After a Georgia woman dials 911 to complain about her mugshot being posted on the “Bad & Busted” website, officers arrested her again for unlawful use of an emergency service.

Cops said Fowler, of Commerce, called in the emergency on Sunday when her face appeared in the Bad and Busted paper for a previous arrest, according to police reports obtained by The Smoking Gun.

“Ms. Fowler contacted 911 earlier today in reference to being upset about a picture,” an officer stated in the report. “I informed Ms. Fowler to contact 911 for emergencies, injuries or violence.”

While the quality of her picture may have been obscene, messing with 911 operators is a real crime. She was arrested again, charged with the unlawful use of the emergency service, and given a new mugshot.

But it wasn’t the only time she’d called 911 operators that day. Before the mug shot flop, she called to report that she needed a place to keep her sleeping bags, The Smoking Gun reported. Apparently, the residents of a random house in Commerce wouldn’t let Fowler keep her sleeping bags in their home.

Last month, a man called 911 and asked for Tim Tebow, claiming to be President Barack Obama, but the culprit was found when police traced the line and found him hidden under pillows in his mother’s closet.

A man in Illinois made a call to 911 to fight a cop, but he was arrested as soon as officers arrived.

Other people who used the emergency service have included a man calling a female dispatcher for a date, or a person calling to report that a sub shop made their sandwich wrong. There was even a report of a robbery at a local bank made to 911, from a driver who was being pulled over for speeding, in hopes that the cop left quickly without ticketing him. It didn’t work.

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