Grandpa Forgets Granddaughter Is Locked In Trunk

A grandpa in Germany gives into his granddaughter’s request to ride in the trunk of his car on the way to a lake and when they got there, he forgets that she is still locked in the trunk. The incident scared park visitors who called the police and fire department.

According to the report, the 72-year-old man told police that after allowing his granddaughter to ride in the trunk he forgot about her when he was distracted by the beauty of the scenery of the lake and went for a walk.

While the grandfather was on his nature walk at Sorpe Lake in the Sauerland area of North Rhine-Westphalia, the granddaughter, 9, began banging on the inside of the trunk and was screaming for help.

Other visitors to the lake eventually heard the granddaughter’s call for help and called the fire department, when the fire department arrived, they cracked open the trunk and freed the girl.

After locating the grandfather, and informing him of what had happened, he became very upset, and told police that he only let her ride in the trunk after she kept asking if she could.

According to reports, the grandpa was given a warning by German police after promising that he would never let anyone ride in the trunk of the car again.

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