Great Dane, 30 Chicks Together Before They Hatch

A 16-month-old great dane is helping 30 chicks in British Columbia. As it turns out, the chicks have a new mother, the dane has turned maternal. The young male dog is named Marmaduke and he’s taken an interest in the eggs before they hatch.

The dog and the chicken eggs are at the Eco Turf Farms in Kelowna. When owner Sue Paull brought the chicken eggs indoors to incubate, Marmaduke was amazed. He is helping out the family.

“He watched them all hatch and he was so curious,” Paull said in a statement. “When we put them in the box, he just took one out and started cleaning them.”

The 115-pound dog shows no interest in full-grown chickens at the farm, but has a distinct inclination for the baby birds. “Every time you go near the box, he has to be there,” Paull said. “He’s just very curious and makes sure they go back in the box.”

Marmaduke has also been “fostering” an 8-month-old baby goat since its birth.