​Great White Shark Takes Bite Into Two Kayaks Near Vandenberg

Staff Reporter
Oct. 9, 2014

A Great white shark attacks two kayakers, during two separate incidents, near the Vandenberg Air Force Base Boathouse in Southern California.

It happened on Friday when the shark first attacked Raul Armenta around 11:30 in the morning. Hours later, Ryan Howell was attacked. Both men came inches from the predator, taking a bite into their kayaks. Howell said he didn’t know what hit him.

“It felt like forever but it was super quick … It pushed me through the water another 50 feet.”

Nobody was hurt during the great white shark attack. Brad Rudolph, a witness, said he was about eight feet away from Howell when the attack happened. The incident surprised both men and the witness.

Vince Culliver, president of Jurrasic Sport Fishing said nobody was anymore than 10 feet from one another. The men knew of Armenta’s attack earlier that morning, but decided to stay in the water, hoping that sticking close together would keep the shark away. Bubba Armanta, Raul’s son, said the experience was horrifying. He didn’t think another attack would happen the same day. Culliver described the shark saying:

“It was double the size of our Kayaks.”

Rudolph said:

“It’s mouth was wide open holding on to the kayak. It was going through the air, like a 747 banking, and splashed into the water, and did another 180 back toward the water and hit his kayak.”

Bubba Armenta said it had “Huge eyes, huge mouth and teeth, its Gills blowing air and water.”

Charles and Lou Christman were 60 miles north of Santa Barbara Harbor and were taking advantage of the good weather to catch a lot of fish.

When they got a mayday call from the Coast Guard about a group of kayakers who were attacked by a great white shark, they leapt into action and found them just 400 yards away.

Lou Christman told FOX News:

“They were clinging to the top of the kayak, fear in their eyes … It was pretty intense there for a little bit.”

He added that the shark is estimated to have been “as big around as a car,” and Charles Christman guessed it was 20 feet long. After dropping the kayakers back onshore and heading out for more fishing, the Christmans received another mayday call just an hour later. This second group of kayakers was further away..

“I believe it’s the same shark. He already got the taste of one kayak and I don’t think he was gonna stop with one.”

Experts at the Shark Research Committee say attacks like this are rare, there have been around 150 great white shark attack victims off of California since the year 1900.

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