Gun Hidden In Starbucks Shoots Expresso Machine

Gun Starbucks – Starbucks customers receive a gun shot with their espresso.

A Cheyenne, Wyoming girl with a lack of firearm experience let off a shot in the coffee chain on Monday morning.

The young girl was carrying the gun in her purse while ordering her morning fix from Starbucks. The firearm went off and the bullet narrowly missed other patrons, instead it ended up in a wall after going through a chair.

There was no reported injuries from the incident. The young girl, under 18-years-old, was cited for carrying a firearm while underage.

The girl’s father told her to carry the Derringer-type .38 special, with a double-barrel, for protection. She did not appear to have any kind of firearm formal training. Which might explain how one could possibly think it’s okay to have a loaded gun with the safety off rolling around in your purse at Starbuck or anywhere, for that matter.

Tips: Giving your underage daughter a firearm is against the law. Firearm training and safety are important. Your safety should always be on unless you are ready to fire. Store your firearm in a holster. Keep it unloaded until you are ready to use.

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